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Don't get me wrong, I love this car and will be getting one regardless of what it looks like (let's face it, guys, there are things I don't like about the styling of both my 3rd and 4th gen, but those details pale in comparison to the sum of all parts). Now with that disclaimer out of the way, that first pic looks a lot like the Charger (not Challenger, the 4 door) to me with all those lights crammed in that grille. I know Scott, you've said that the lights aren't final, but don't they need to test those sometime? My only guess is that they are going to be part of the final reveal, but if that's the case and the purists want what we saw on the concept, then it would make sense that we would have seen them already. Clearly the entire car couldn't be engineered in it's entirety minus the headlights, which makes me (and I'm sure others) wonder (not that I don't believe you, Scott), what the real story could be, and if Scott is allowed to tell it!
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