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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
...and I was too... I had an has sat at 2030 since January...and honestly I had too much time on my hands to think about what I really wanted....I vasilated back and forth for the last year and a half about it....and having many second thoughts I decided to pull out and go with my gut instinct and wait for what I really wanted al along. A Z/28. I'm not going any further on this thread about it, but make no mistake, I thought long and hard about it. I beat the drum for the product pretty long and hard. But, the 2013 1LE news has me very excited....and I see a potential breakthrough in the future. Enjoy your ZL1, I'ts gonna be a swell ride!
Thanks, and I hope you all get your wish for a Z/28. Face it, GM needs to keep coming out with new product to keep the camaro fire burning.

For me, I just don't think the 1LE is quite there ,but what the heck do I know. Hope I'm wrong.
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