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Originally Posted by wildpaws View Post
Let's correct some mis-information first, then I'll explain. First gen. Z/28 production: '67-602, '68-7,199, '69-20,302. When the Camaro was first released in the fall of '66 for the '67 model year, there was no Z/28. Some of the executives within the Chevrolet/Camaro section felt that there needed to be a unique Camaro to compete in the SCCA TransAm Sedan Race Series. Some engineers were tasked with doing this and the vehicle that resulted was the Camaro Z/28, it was almost a production racecar available from the factory, it was not available with AC or auto tranny, nor was it available in a convertible. It featured a high compression (11:1) 302cid SBC with solid lifters that was able to rev 7k+ quite easily right off the showroom floor and featured the same Holley 780cfm carb found on some Chevy big block engines. The standard rear gear ratio was 3.73 with optional ratios up to 4.56(and possibly the 4.88s were available also). It could be equipped with a chin spoiler and a trunklid spoiler and was available with the wide "stereo" stipes on hood and trunk that were initially available on Z/28 only. The Z/28 was a mid-year introduction in the '67 model year (I think the first ones were built in Dec. '66). While the first gen SS Camaros were excellent cars, their high performance was more focused on 1/4 mile and straight line accelereation, the Z/28 was purpose built to be focused on excellent handling in curves as well as straightaways. If someone wanted an acceleration focused Camaro they bought a SS, if they wanted excellent all around handling for straightening out curves they chose the Z/28. While the SS models (available with several engine configurations) had great acceleration, throw some curves into the equation and all an SS would see is Z/28 tail lights. And that is a brief history of the heritage of the Z/28 and how it came to be.
so what you're saying is, the first gen Z/28 had the same purpose as the 3rd gen IROC... it was supposed to be a street legal version of a race car... seems legit... i kinda want to build a 302... lol
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