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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
From '88 to '92 (Gen-3), Air Conditioning was NOT standard was part of PEGs 1-2-3...which could NOT be ordered with 1LE, which WAS in fact:

"G92 Performance Axle Package", (without C60 A/C [non-PEG, therefore Base Model only]) $675 including 4WDB with Special HD Front Disc Brake Package, Aluminum Driveshaft and Spare Wheel, Performance Exhaust System, Engine Oil Cooler and Special Shocks (deletes Standard Driving Lights). [THIS is the 1LE Package]

"G92 Performance Axle Package", (with C60 A/C) $465 including Performance Exhaust System, Engine Oil Cooler and 4WDB.

Page 87 of the pdf file:

All PEGs (1-2-3) included Body Side Moulding and Floor Mats, which 1LEs did not receive either (unless ordered individually, or added later).

So, in truth, the ONLY DELETE in a Gen-3 "1LE" was the Front Driving Lights...and the area they opened up made a great place to run Front Brake Cooling Ducts, when/where allowed...

What "1LE" cars WERE was Option-Restricted...and featured some unique-to-them components.
per you're argument you just used. So one then could surmise that your sources could be wrong. I quoted a source you provided and now you are arguing against that same source.

1LE limited your equipment and options. I've also stated the they were meant for more performance. you can take that as meant for racing. Now, This is where we differ. I honestly believe the LE reference did have a meaning behind it and wasn't just some arbitrary designation, ie z28. And nothing you've shown me has honestly proven that I am wrong. When in fact the options and equipment you receive when you ordered a 1LE did limit things.

This is why I've sat here and said lets just agree to disagree. I'm sorry if you feel that you must persuade me to believe you. but I just don't care enough to go ask the people that developed the original 1LE what they meant, if anything.

and again we can/should agree to disagree because this is an argument that is pointless. Better sources for history are a must if you want to prove something, and then don't contradict them in your very next post.
Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
We do not want to use the Z28 moniker on a car that does not deserve this hallowed name.
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