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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
"Delete" is incorrect...should be RESTRICT...which was what they did through the Production run, even into Gen-4. 1LE was only offered on Base, non-powered non-a/c'd cars through at least '95. CC1 (T-Tops) and AG1 (6-way Power Seat) were NOT available as free-flow options, either.

Sorry my reference was not completely accurate.

With regard to a "bare-bones" version these days, the Team is "adamant" that "strippers" (without poles, as opposed to polls!) just won't sell in "sufficient" volume, so for us to realistically expect "something" seriously missing "basic creature comforts" (read: no a/c-pw-pdl-rke) seems remote (NO pun). And, as the Gen-4 component weight figures (above) show, there's limited weight to be truly saved...and it just might be saved in another manner...

Cheers, bmr!

The mentality of the 1LE is different then today. Today they want to sale as many as possible. back then they only wanted to sale them to racers. and that's why I don't expect them to delete the AC and power steering. and with todays accessories power isn't robbed as much as it use to be. So the point for them to even remove them is not there. If I end up with another camaro out of all the ones available it will be a 1LE. but I doubt I will be getting a 2SS since it would be more of a race car then a DD. every bit of weight savings helps.
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We do not want to use the Z28 moniker on a car that does not deserve this hallowed name.
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