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Possibly my most ambitious and cool project to date!!!

Being me I was browsing you tube for cool stuff one day and found video's of Bimmers in Europe that had white glowing wheels. So I started to research. I found a US company that made them, $500 plus for kits any single color. Found some guys on e-bay that had a kit for $150 that did white or red but were super sketchy... So I said to myself, self, I can do better. I will beat the cost, and do all the colors with RGB.

So I set about making a prototype bracket on a rear wheel and driving around with it on for a couple days with no issues. Then a front wheel, still waiting for my parts anyway. No issues again Finally got the lights and wired one side of the car up, than the other. Mind you their is a 4 wire set running from wheel to wheel on each side then through the firewall and to below driver and the controller box. While I was at it, I figured might as well make the front fog lights and grilles match right? Than I added lights to the footwells, mostly to keep an eye on what was going on outside, but are very cool as well. Oh, did I mention I got them to flash in time with the music? Well why wouldn't I? I mean I have outdoor speakers and all.

So finally I think I'm done. I have crazy wheel lights, fog's, grilles lite up, and footwell lighting that all match!!! So my friend Melanie says, what about the back? Ugh!!! Really? She wanted one of those big strips like trucks have below their bed, I said no, not classy I came up with my idea on the spot, light up the back up lights to match!!! Well, easier said than done. I had to order individual 3 watt RGB led's. Got two kinds just in case. One was an easy four wire soldier job, the other had separate powers for each color and the grounds, yup 6 soldiers total! Attached them to metal brackets with a metal type adhesive to conduct heat, silicon-ed the faces for water resistance, b/c they are outside after all. Oh, did I mention I had to compute the correct ohms, voltage, and resistors they would need to not blow up or cause a fire? Than I had to take off and remove the bumper, anyone that has done this knows it's a two man job, not me, by myself!!! And without scratching it, with my painted lower panel intact :P Plus I had to run one more 18' wire up to the controller for them. Went through trunk this time, not the rocker panels outside like last time. Oh, it worked the first time and still does!!!

The pic's don't give away all my secrets, as it is the only one in the world I know of like it. You can see the prototype bracket, behind the wheel, installed, me working on it in the winter, and a bunch of the finished product. Than the LED's I used for the rear, the brackets, and finally a shot of them lit up. I lost all the pic's of the wiring in the back bumper. From outside when they are off you would never see them, but there are two per light. I mounted them at an angle facing opposite ways to get a better spread. Didn't realize how low they are, and they face directly out. Much brighter when you are low, or far away. Still...

Finally check out my vids, they are awesome!!! First is showing music matching mode, with Rob Zombie and real audio from camera. Second is with the car in motion.

New video compilation, check out the end of me driving on Las Vegas Blvd past the Las Vegas sign!!!

Finally flashing to the music, but can't hear it.

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