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I could only sleep 2.5 h before I woke up at 3am last night. I tossed and turned and then I was in the garage, peeling off stickers for the next hour. I asked the dealer not to do anything, not even a wash...

Driving in this morning, I couldn't wipe the smile off my face. My 2yo daughter has a comfy spot in teh back seat adn she said she likes it!!! She can say No, trust me. Then I was afraid the sound will scare her but it didn't ! Yey - she's daddy's girl!

Trying to answer some questions:
Were you able to tell that you met your wife? I drove so many cars, I'm a cars fanatic, I worked on engines in highschool, etc. I just can tell what feels right (or not with a car). Cayman R - nice car, more expensive, not enough power, no back seat and rough ride. Other than that it's nice.

The ZL1 is the most Exciting car I drove. The sound alone is worth all the money! It crackles, it screams, but could be quiet at 2000rpm on the highway.
Seats are very comfortable and provide enough grip, considering the suede. Make sure you get the steering wheel and shifter in suede - it's the best grip I've encountered so far. The rim is thick enough and ergonimic - nice job.

brakes are great, very powerful but you need some miles to make them stick. the tires probably need to be warm to have the best grip - I did a 0.93g safely and not too fast but it slips a bit. It also slips if you push the pedal more that 1", even in Wet mode - in which I'm at now. Are the F people crazy to get 650hp - it's hard to manage 580 - it slips even in 3rd gear and I never floored it.

I told the dealer this car should come with a radar. Not to break any laws but because you don't realize how quick it gets up there..I'll be upgrading to Passport 9500ix or BEL GX65 as soon as I get back from vacantion. I was thinking of a remote Escort STI driver plus but I don't want to drill holes for the jammers. Is there a better way to do it?

Once again - I'm extremely happy with it and the grin is already gone. It's happy face time now!!!
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