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Haha, gee that sure looks like the car Magnuson was installing a TVS 2300.

Could that video be of the Magnuson car?

Look at the link in post # 33

It's the same video.

I am very interested to see how this turns out.

I had a TVS 2300 on a stock LS3 on the dyno several months ago.

It made a ton of torque at 3700, so much so I got cold feet because I was afraid I was going to hurt the engine.

It made 728 foot pounds at 3700 RPM at the crank.
It was at 556 horsepower by 4000 RPM where I cut the test short.

Waiting to see if they turn down the boost to keep it alive.
The TVS 2300 is a bad bad blower......

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