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Originally Posted by kjkjr27 View Post
I really like those gills you have. I was looking at them awhile ago but I read reviews that they faded from top to bottom not side to side yet every picture I see of them they fade side from side.

Just noticed your pic of the gills looks exactly like the one that is from the SLP website about the faded gills. Do they actually really fade
I've seen the 'SLP' ones up close and I like the ones I had better.(...and they're cheaper too!)
I bought them from 'BMC Extreme Customs'.

Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
Looks really good I have the eibach sport springs but I'm thinking of changing those hollow sway bars with solid eibach ones ,how much difference did you feel in the handling after the susp. Upgrade?
I decided to start upgrading my suspension before I add any more horsepower.
Horsepower mean nothing if you can't get the rear end to hook-up to the ground.
The difference in handling is like night and day. I only bought the rear bar because I like Drag Racing. For cornering they recommend to use the 32mm front sway bar due to the stiffness of the competition rear sway bar.
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