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Originally Posted by GunnyG View Post
Lars, what time you planning on heading out? That way if I can make it, I can hook up with oTTo and H3lLH0uNd, maybe grab erk. I'm still tentative, but excited!!!
I messaged Rob for his thoughts on meet-up spot and time. Will post when I got all the info together.

Originally Posted by ChargedCamaro View Post
I will only go if I have a real life sombrero for my car!
Ok so far I am out 2 cases of Red Bull and a sombrero to get you to help me plasti-dip my wheels and to get you to drive your f*ing car. Ha! This is becoming an expensive friendship. Er...ok so I get the Red Bull for free...but I draw the line at the sombrero. You and Cousin It are on the list. Bring the waitress with the Budweiser tramp stamp. Now about those wheels...
<-----FOR SALE
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