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Originally Posted by VanquisherSS View Post
Thanks! Did you ever decide on a new set of rims? I was thinking the ZL1 front too but the group buy got real good on the aggressor, plus I wanted it to be unique. Even though I thought i was the only one from NJ but then 6 more people popped up . Seen a lot of ZL1 front conversions already. Although they have great deals I saw you can get it painted. I really debated that one really hard.
Hahahahahah..............Yup 6 in NJ, but their is an up side to that number theirs only 2 of us located in South Jersey and 1 in the farthest parts of South Jersey (ME).....
But I'm loving your build thread, Hell of a car and a very cool dude......!
I'll be hitting you up real soon in regards to some events and gatherings we could meet up at soon.
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