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Scott. Thanks for the detailed DIY. Really helped me a lot although I'd like to point out a couple of more things

The torx screws for the seats were T50 and was a major bitch to get out. Even after literally sitting on the wrench and trying to unscrew it , it just would not budge and I had to go out and get me a heavy duty impact wrench to finally get the screws out. With the impact wrench it took me only 3 seconds. So total time to remove those damns screws = 3 hours and 3 secs [2 hours trying to pry the MF*** out with brute force, 1 hour to go to lowes and pick up an impact wrench and 3 seconds to use the impact wrench to get the screws out]. On removing the screws I came across threadlock/loctite or whatever material the factory folks used on almost 75% of the screw.

Another thing I had to do was to chop off parts of the Noweeds button plate to make it a better fit under the seat [see pics on link below]. The stock noweeds button plate just does not fit in all seat positions and is the only bad part of the product. Other than that it rocks .

Just finished my install today so thought I'd add more pics to this thread especially the wiring part which I think lacks good pictures in the instructions [i.e. the part where you need to splice for power]

Here are the pics from my install.
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