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Originally Posted by speedster View Post
First, here is a B&W pic of the SST that my cousin took yesterday morning on his phone at the shop before we took it out. Pretty neat shot. Then we took it out for a ride to check all systems. Everything was working well. Did a few 7 psi quick blasts (with tranny in auto mode) to check tranny function and temps. Everything good so far. (Will post videos when I get home along with the AMS-1000 tutorial). Then we enabled the AMS-1000 for a 14 psi boost run. The instant we hit it, the damn BCM computer reset. So to be safe we drove it back to the shop. The problem is once we shut the car off, it went into a "Transport Mode On" function and now the car is locked from doing anything. We looked online and there are forums that say "hold the ignition key in the start position for 15 seconds and then the Transport Mode Off will come on". We tried tons of combinations but cannot get this to occur. If there is anyone you know that can get this shutoff please PM me.

This is quite frustrating because the SST runs perfect mechanically, but then the BCM has so much interwoven security logic to make the car 'secure' it kills it. (e.g. Transport Mode, Security Mode) Think if you were at Camaro5 Fest and your car ran perfect but then your key fob went dead and you could not start and drive your car at the event. That is the frustration I am talking about.

So going forward, I am going to hold the transport pickup for one week. If they cannot get the BCM reset I am going to ship it home anyway and figure it out with a fresh outlook.

Any thoughts, comments or suggestions from the Camaro 5 community at this point would be helpful.

Thank You,
Wow B never a dull moment, hope you figuire it out soon. Way above my head.

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