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This is the main reason i stay away from turbos...


That said any system will give you benefits, its just a matter of what you want out of it.

Personally if your driving a daily driver, anything other than a centri or twin screw/roots and your asking for trouble with heat issues. Turbos can be done safely and a daily driver but as pointed out they are quite more complicated and IMO the more complicated the easier to break (but you have more head room for future upgrades!)

Also anyone running more than 8-10ish PSI in a daily driver is either

A) nuts and bout to blow their engine (dont care what engine it is, any in stock form wont take much more than that).

B) already dropped over 1/4 the value of the car into engine upgrades.

Just a word to the engine illiterate, any type of forced induction can be done and done safely, its just a matter of cost and constant (and I really mean constant) maintenance. Most guys I know who have after market power adders have thier cars in the shop AT LEAST 3-4 weeks a year EVERY year.
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