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As far as superchargers are concerned I like what the Whipple has been doing. I bet at the same boost level it would outperform or hang right with a D1 centri up top but have way more torque down low. All of this of course at psi ranges below 15. A centri is going to make more power than just about any PD blower when the boost and power start to get crazy like above 800RWHP. The Whipple is also going to make more power than a TVS2300 and run cooler while doing it. It wont have as good of a torque hit right off idle but still make more overall power. The other thing I like about it is there is no need to upgrade it until you get in power ranges beyond what the stock motor can do. With the TVS2300 you have to get 8 rib or 10 rib setups with COG drives and OD pulleys and such. They also need inventive ways to cool the IAT's with meth, custom chillers and all kinds off more expensive hardware. By the time you need that stuff for the Whipple your power is going to be past what the stock motor can safely do and the upgrades are going to be the least of your worries. When you factor all the extras the TVS2300 needs the Whipple is alot less $.
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