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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
So here are the pics tonight. Best I can do in my garage lights.

Wasn't that impressed with how the tires grabbed at all. Seemed less grippy than the others but I think it's because they had only about 75 yards on them when I went around the first turn.

Didn't get a chance to romp much. I'll know tomorrow.

Three things... Those tires got a lot of slick'em on them... I'll suppose you did that after you got home...

Those wheels and tires look SIC... and that's good.

and new tires are quite slippery... Take it easy for the first 50 miles or so... or find a dark lonely quiet strip of asphalt and smoke the hell out of em... then... you'll be in the premium area of the tread....and have many many happy miles of decent traction... Them ponies you sporting gonna spin the skins...
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