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Hi my2010camaross
i dont know how GM is making the sequence of the Camaro Produktin, i only know my Ordernr, an an nice Guy from this Forum tells my now im at 3000.
i olso dont know noting about the US dealer who have buy the Car for my from GM. because i have 2 sellers the US Dealer and my Importeur so i must Pay 2 Guys. Perhaps that is not comfort however I must still 2 months more wait, if the US dealer have the Car it needs manny time to bring the Car over the Ocean , it must be the Technik Controll and little modifications. Im sure i cant drive the Camaro this Summer here in Germany the Snow comes sure befor my Car.
So you can be happy if you will have our car in Juli. and for an better Price as which I pay for the Camaro ;o( nearly 45000€ and you can convert the Price in Dollar > its nearly 60000$ for an 1SS ;o( But love the Car.
So be not sad, it give people who have more luck and more misfortune

best regards Blacky
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