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Rearview mirror = FAIL

See OUR collective solution here:
Sorry, but this is the ONLY thing that I do not LOVE about my car and want to make you all aware of the issue.
The interior mirror is about 2X as tall/thick as it needs to be and creates a MAJOR BLIND SPOT (that I didn’t even think about being there.)
I can see several inches of my headliner and seats… I only need to see out the rear window.
The mirror could have been much much smaller and done the job… maybe I can get a smaller one from GMPP because it has OnStar in it.
I have litterally pulled up to a 4-way stop and NOT seen a ford explorer that was to my right. (yes, an SUV)
And also, isnt it supposed to auto dim on the 2SS??? (The outside one does.)
I have a picture but it looks comically exaggerated… I'll try to take another more lifelike tonight if someone wants.


BTW GM, windshield space is a PREMIUM on this car, please move OnStar buttons somewhere else.

Other than that, I LOVE the car.
Why oh Why?
Windshield=10" vertical
mirror= 3 7/8" (that's almost 4") vertical
that means that the mirror is 38.75% the size of the vertical windshield...
it sure seems like the ratio could be better... just sayin....

our collective MIRROR patch:

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