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Originally Posted by Apex Chase View Post
In a back-to-back dyno runs, the first with just the CAI intake and the second with the scoop added, the numbers didn't change much. With just the CAI the A/F ratio average was 11.9:1 and with the scoop is was 12.0:1. Fuel trim was at 0 for both.
Thanks, yeah I just found the JRE CAI test w/ the scoop and saw that... Only a .1 avg afr change, but picked up 4.4 peak hp and 5.3ft/lb peak tw on the CAI Inc. intake... I wonder what it was at it's leanest point though? Pretty amazing gain from just the scoop. I imagine I'll be safe with my intake, but will probably wait to get it on the dyno next week to get my numbers just to be on the safe side... Will probably order by the end of the month depending on what my numbers say.
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