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Outer Trailing Arm Bushings Install

My Bushing Adventure repost:

Originally Posted by ShnOmac View Post
I am curious what everyone's thoughts are on the ZL1 1/4 mile times and the odd dyno chart. Something does not seem quite right to me......
445 rwhp is a mild LS3 cam and bolton number. So for sure something is wrong with that car or the break-in adds another 50 rwhp. Or fuse pull?

445 rwhp is 24% driveline loss. Too high for even for an auto.

Fact: ZL1 > CTS-V (by at least a little)

It funny how many say they can build a car that performs as well as a ZL1 for less. But will it be as refined? Will it have a warranty? And the modded car is still only as worth as much as an unmodified SS.

Are we modding to save money?

The last time I checked, not. But still it's so much fun. Just last night I stripped a thread on my Trailing Arm putting in the outer bushing. And no other car at home. I frantically rode around on my daughters bicycle risking my life, hoping to find a parts store open. Auto Zone was open but they were out of my stripped nut. Pep Boys was closed. I gave up, not wanting to risk further busy road cycling at night with no lights or helmet.

And what would have happened if I wound up in the hospital? I had no insurance card. I looked greasy and homeless in my gym shorts and Run for Haiti T-shirt. And I forgot to check before I left if my underwear had any holes in it. My wife would have been mortified. Lucky for her she was out of town.

The threads on those suspension bolts are weird they start out with an easy spin then tighten up. I hope I can find a nut today that will work somewhere on a Sunday. My oldest daughter is coming over with a car.

See, this is why I mod, not to save money, I mod for the adventure. I think now my car would fare well against a Boss with a better driver than me. I did not save any $$ as I have spent Boss money on my SS. But I feel good about my car and content knowing I did a good portion of the work myself.

************************************************** ***********
Anyway here are a few pics.

I used the Gear puller method to push out the bushings. But see that nut on the end of the puller? That is the nut used to hold on the Outer Trailing Arm and I stripped it!

This is what I went out looking for at 8 PM on a Saturday night. Did not finally get one until Sunday afternoon. Many thanks for Sears Hardware! All of the auto stores, Auto Zone, Pepe Boys, and Advance Auto parts had really weak bolt selections. Lame.

Now I have backups.

Here are the soft stockers....

M6, Pray Ported TB and MSD, E85, LTs, cats, Rotofab Dry, BMR Trailing Arms

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