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Originally Posted by spyderbuddy View Post
Advertised power of this engine was listed at 290 hp (216 kW). This is an under-rated figure.[2] Chevrolet wanted to keep the horsepower rating at less than 1 hp per cubic inch, for various reasons (e.g. insurance and racing classes). The factory rating of 290 hp occurred at 5300 rpm, while actual peak for the high-revving 302 was closer to 360 hp (268 kW) (with the single four barrel carb) and 400 hp (298 kW) (with optional dual-four barrel carbs) at 6800-7000 rpm.
Imagine if you had one of these new and always "short-shifted" at 5300 and couldn't figure out why you were so slow? Maybee the new ZL1's redline is understated by 1500-1700? Anyone want to try?
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