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Originally Posted by radz28 View Post
FWIW - I found an article in GMHTP where Redline tested meth' on their HTR850-car, with a 3.6L KB. That car was having issues with heat soak at 17 psi (427 ci) and the PCM was pulling a lot of timing. Anyways - Tanner installed a stage II system and nozzles in the inlet, behind the TB, in front of the blower inlet, and they gained almost literally 100 RWHP back from the meth cooling the charge. I'm not sure it this is normal, however, that's what the test results were. I believe this was a February or March issue of this year. Take it for what it's worth

I'm sorry Torq to bring another Sponsor in, but it was somewhat related. No disrespect intended

No disrespect at all. The KB is a totally different animal with the massive plenum area behind the TB that is also cast and destined for heat soak problems plus their poor heat exchanger design. Methanol should not be the way to fix the ZL1 heat soak problems. I would add a heat exchanger (which we have finished) and a nice intercooler reservoir (which we have finished)
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