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Holy mackerel, sapphire! 572, that looks great! I am so happy for you. :confused 0068: Could you post more pics of the over flow tank and how you mounted it?

OK, I admit........ this might be a little OCD even for my standards, LOL In fact, I'm even a little concerned posting these thinking you guys might unite and get me up and throw away the keys.

Anyhow, here it goes, I'm going to either paint or powder oat the motor mounts and well I figured they could use some help.

This shows all the insignia that was removed.

This one shows a lot of rough casting and grinding marks.... go figure

You can see seems that where removed on the other piece


I will say these mounts are very artsy for a factory piece. So I figured they could use some .

Please go easy on me....I feel very fragile and vulnerable at this moment
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