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Originally Posted by dweeler View Post
Well explained sir!! I can totally understand ALL of your reasoning.

I opted for the 2SS for many of the same reasons. The ZL1 is an awesome car, but for what I will be using my car for (when I finally get it!), the ZL1 is too much car for too big of a price tag! Also, higher maintenance costs, higher operating costs, gas guzzler tax, etc. are some of the other big reasons I don't need the biggest, baddest Camaro.

Anyway, best of luck with all your plans! I'm looking forward to seeing the work in progress and the finished product. I'm sure it will be awesome!
Likewise! Im sure you will love you car, I love mine, the color is my favorite part lol. I cant stop looking at it whenever I get out of it, or just go visit it in the garage haha.

Not to mention all of the cool technology (my last car was a 98 camaro) so this one is a big leap!
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