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Got the heads off and was cleaning them some before I send them to Lingenfelter for some of their magic.

I figure I post this shot of the runner as a comparison for when I get the back.

Here's a pic of the rough casting.

And hers after a ton of work, LOL

Notice the red circle and the heads thats been smoothed. The factory casting was squared till I rounded it off to match the others. That only took two minutes..... sure, LOL

Here's a before......

And after but not finished ........

That's it for now. Another friends birth day party. To many parties. I'm going to have to get rid of some friends, they are infringing on my project, LOL

By the way, I need some new addicts..... I mean recruits! Starting to get lonely now that NC-V, Indy, Roctrux, 572HP and PaulSS have all finished their cars. :(
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