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To address older posts, I would never just let a leak slide until it gets worse. That's just ludacris. Your motor's compression has been comprimised and should be repaired. Really, what's the hang up with just fixing it? Yeah not everyone has an afternoon to lay on there backs, but stock chevy's are leakers. So get used to it. To continue, I'm all for wrenching on your own ride, I do it when I can afford to. But if you have a warranty, take it to a local chevy dealer who had a GOOD local reputation. What's zero plus zero really; you paid the ridiculous amount of money - it comes with the car - if it's not under warranty, you can take it elsewhere to get fixed cheaper with the posssiblilty of better non-OEM parts? I've done it the hard way and have been through 3 dealers so far and finally found one worth revisiting for now. 13 years wrenching on the pavement in a midwestern winter is for the damn birds. You just gotta have your research done and talk directly to your mechanic, cause alot of these service writers don't have a clue. I'd reccomend asking for the tech who is the certified corvette specialist-the service dept by me has one (at least he worked on both my camaros)- and request him everytime you bring it. At least you know your not just getting some douche who's tooling on Aveos all day and works with high compression engines. Taking my car in for the third time tomorrow for oil cooler & seal problems. Have had the car 8-9 months.
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