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Originally Posted by EZ SPEED View Post
Went to "First Friday" in Gadsden, Alabama last night.
Its a big "cruise in" that they do every first friday of each month.

I thought this pic was just awesome of my engine and had to share
EZ that pic looks awesome!

Originally Posted by Synner View Post
Quit for the day, need to make a sand paper run tomorrow. Also need a tiny grinding stone for the dremel. The die grinder bits are too large.
The before:

Double masked with duct tape and mostly smoothed work in progress. Very tough to get nice since there's no room to get a flat sanding tool in anywhere. Definitely doing a brushed finish but I think its coming along nicely although painfully.
Synner, thats a lot of WORK!

I can relate. I pocked up the heads from the polishers today. Paid him his $80 and really wasn't happy with the finish product. So I came home and worked on them for about 8 hours. I got one finished and about 30% of the second one. I wish finish it tomorow or my name isn't Nathan. I want to ship them on Monday to lingenfelter.

Here a before pic.......

And.......... notice I removed all the craps around the head bolt area.

Here's a pic of one completed next to the other for comparison.

Top one is finished It looks like its machined out of billet now.

Going to look good with the 12 point ARP studs!

I'm probably the only nut in this planet that will ever do something like this. And I wouldn't blame anybody for not doing it! Catch you guys tomorrow, nite.
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