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Hello CyberDan, it's good that you brought up this point.

Yes, all we need now is a minimum of 100 members to start production, no it wont take 2 years ! The Paddles were already tested and will not require any additional improvements, we are very happy with the final sample so there is no need for any additional time to produce the Paddles.

Our goal is to have a quality product at a very affordable price, this way we can hopefully produce a couple of 1000's.

More than 250,000 Camaros produced , 50% or more are Automatic = 125,000 , if we can sell to just 1% of them, that is: 1,250.

We were kind of disappointed to learn that the 2012 had changed their Paddles design from this one but it's ok, we'll just have to redesign another one but it will be same idea.

I also want to take this opportunity to ask all of you to help us communicate more to other forum members....

Everyone who drives an Automatic needs this mod ! and will be very happy with it.

We just hope to be able to reach more members...

Any suggestions or ideas are more than welcome.

Thank you

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