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This is something I like to do when jacking up this car, it distributes the load a little and keeps the jack form bending stuff.

With my 1" drop springs I was at 28 3\4" in the front and 29 1\4" in the rear, I wanted another inch front and rear.

Before removing the front struts I marked this just to use as a reference, Ill still need and alignment but this will get me in the ballpark.

Once you get the strut off you'll need to remove the stock upper bushing. You need a spring compressor, a torx t-50 bit and a 15\16".

If you have '10 or newer you'll have to remove the foam insulator so the spring adapter will fit properly.

It should look like this when your done.

Now i played with the spring preload a little, basically what I did was set the the spring adjuster nut so that it just touched the spring right before compressing it. Then go about 5mm past that, which in my case set the spring at about 177mm.

Once the spring preload is set then you can set your ride height. This is were the experimenting comes in as it is up to you to decide what you like. I ended up with 5mm here, which gave me a 2" drop over stock in front.

Tighten everything up and reinstall.

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