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Once you get the rear struts off you'll again have to remove the factory upper bushing. Again you'll need the spring compressor and this time a torx T-40 and 18mm.

Same thing again with the spring preload, spring seat just touching then about 5mm past that.

Ok, this is an extra step I took just to insure the rear adjuster cables never came loose. This is not necessary but I think its a good idea. First I lightly tighten the adjuster cable on the knob, this gave me my drilling location.

Then I punched a small starting point using the mark the set screw left.

Then I used 3\32" drill and made a very small recess, just enough for the set screw to bite into.

Then just tighten it down

Next I drilled 2 1\2" holes in the trunk for the adjuster cables. I took a piece of hose, slit it down the middle and made grommets. Then, reinstalled the rears.

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