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Originally Posted by Heaven_is_inferno_orange View Post
Very nice! I love AMD processors. Every build Ive done Ive used AMD. They overclock very well and dont cost arms and legs. AMD is one of the only brands that is a must have at this point for me. Im slowly trying to find a brand of RAM i like. The ADATA Im not to happy with and am only running one of the 4GB sticks of the 8GB I had purchased due to a bad stick and there customer service being a pain about getting an RMA to me to replace it. The OCZ im running in the husbands is pretty decent. Newegg just didnt have any OCZ in a size I needed in a kit with the GB I wanted.
Gigachip: Love the case and the triple monitor setup.
pocketcthulhu: lol yes Im a Jedi but if it makes you feel any better Im also a Sith.
Very true about AMD cpus. As far as Ram I like the Patriot and the G.Skill brands. Those two I typically run. ATM I'm running patriot

one day I do want to try out intel though, and AMD GPUs
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