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Hey Jay,

It was great talking with you yesterday.

In looking at your Options list, I think I'd take a few pieces from each package to make Option 5.

Originally Posted by Option 5
  • Sub and amp for the trunk.- I'd go with something that looks and shows nice, but still leaves you some room to use the trunk if necessary.
  • Axles for when you drag race. - I wouldn't go nuts with performance parts you'll only use 4-5 times a year, though. It's a smarter spend when you buy things you can enjoy 360 days a year vs 5.
  • Interior Lighting touches, including something in the sub box. I think this really classes up the joint,
  • Paint correction to handle any of the chips here and there.
  • Carbon Fiber touches. - obviously, I'm a little biased here, but this is something that can both change the overall feel of your interior, as well as set you apart from the crown for the purposes of magazine and show recognition.
In looking at your car and it's overall layout, I'd recommend the following:

1. I wouldn't carry the strip into the car. I think it'll be too wide on the inside for people to really "get" what you're trying to do. It'll look like you have a half carbon and half painted dash trim, since the stripe doesnt reach the other piece of trim in an obvious way.

2. Color match some pieces, but don't go nuts. It's a fine line between cheese and wine. I'd love to see some soft blue accent lighting inside the cabin, plus some blue trim rings on the speaker box. (Maybe some blue lighting behind the plexi, too.)

3. Relative to the carbon: I'd recommend the 4-pack with a color match of the recessed area. You can sort of see it here. (we did this for Redline Motorsports)

I think the side trim would be a nice, and subtle, touch. We did this in the Redline car (above), as well as in our own (apologies for the cell hone pics)

I also think you're on to something with the dash trim. (pics once I can get out to the car.)

I also REALLY think a set of ABL door panel inserts would be insane. It'd be nice to tie them into the dash trim and I only know of one other person who has a set. (Stieger)

Talk about setting yourself apart from the crowd.

Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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