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Originally Posted by VanquisherSS View Post
Oh yeah I'm a pro, it just makes me buy other stuff to occupy myself .

Seriously this whole bumper thing . Sometimes I just like to pretend I lit that deposit on my bumper on fire, essentially the same thing as I have yet to get the bumper. It would be faster if I bought the ****ing box and shipped the box and packing material to them and then had it shipped back lol
There you go again using that money tree...damn man I asked you to share I need some goodies too .

Dude I'm willing to help you out with that...really we could rent a U haul truck and drive down...but being for real your so far up on the list it should be within this month (Stay excited a little longer), me on the other hand I'm close to the bottom so with all the pending and expecting issues to which you know their will be...I'm not so excited anymore (The thrill is gone!!!!!!).
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