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OK, to anyone who has been following my build, or is interested in doing this for themselves:

My Camaro was automatic and the computer set-ups were incompatible with the 4l80-e swap... Basically, you need to swap the computer's VIN number (which will present problems in the event of a wreck or inspection when they scan the plate and find that it doesn't match the program), tear out the @&Y^ useless &@*#& pieces of #^*@ computers that are unnecessary for the car to run (which will make you non-street-legal), or you just need to start with a manual Camaro to make this work.

That being said, I ended up with another stock transmission (which will probably break in 4-6 months, but that's ok because it is back under warranty and they will have to fix it for free... again and again and again until I swap to a new model). So I have a Jakes Performance 4L80-e transmission with absolutely no miles on it, and the driveshaft, and probably most of what you need to install it, up for sale.

PM me with contact info, I'll be happy to answer any questions that I can.

The transmission is "rated and warranteed for up to 750 horsepower"... I don't know if the warrantee will carry over... probably not... but I don't know.

I live in Louisiana, so if you are out-of-state and interested in buying, we will work something out in terms of shipping or pick up. (I'd prefer if it were picked up.)

The torque converter is set-up for drivability, and the driveshaft (from the is still in the box and has not been opened.
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