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Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Yes, don't do it unless you are planning on this being a full time race car. The welds in the sub-frame are not designed to take the loads of solid sub-frame mounts. The sub-frame frame welds are prone to crack. We have seen this with the Grand Am Challenge cars. If you were able to speak with an engineer from the Camaro TEAM they would tell you the same thing.

What were you expecting in terms of a performance gain from your solid sub-frame mounts?
Pete, can you explain why then it seems like the Pfadt solid mounts are the most desired of ANY brand??? Aside from the astronomical price, the Pfadt units seem to be the "holy grail" of all the sub-frame bushings!!! And why is it that the Pfadt solid mounts are a "GM Officially Licensed Product"??? Surely if the Camaro Team didn't like them as you hinted above, they would not have GM officially endorse them, don't ya think??? There are a lot of members here on Camaro5 running the Pfadt solid mounts, and I have not heard of one single incident of sub-frame cracks because of them. I'm not doubting your expertise here at all, just trying to educate myself before making a purchase!!! Thanks.
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