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There are some major benefits to running a solid subframe mount on these cars. We have been manufacturing them since almost the introduction of the 5th gen Camaro and they've been a great upgrade for many street cars. Mounting a subframe solidly to the chassis of a car isn't something new, the Corvette has been running a solidly mounted rear subframe for years now. We've just taken the same idea and applied it to the Camaro chassis.

What you will immediately notice is the car feels much more connected to the rear end than it did before. The factory rubber bushings are a major hindrance to performance and the car will definitely feel more confident while launching hard, or powering out of low speed corners. Here is a video we took before and after our subframe mount install. Notice how much deflection there really is at the rear subframe, that movement isn't great for overall performance.

Given that there is minimal impact to ride quality, and a major increase in performance we strongly suggest moving to Solid Subframe Mounts if you're going to be tracking, drag racing, or aggressively driving your high powered Camaro on the street.

Originally Posted by JusticePete View Post
Yes, don't do it unless you are planning on this being a full time race car. The welds in the sub-frame are not designed to take the loads of solid sub-frame mounts. The sub-frame frame welds are prone to crack. We have seen this with the Grand Am Challenge cars. If you were able to speak with an engineer from the Camaro TEAM they would tell you the same thing.
Seeing that we actually ARE the suspension engineering expertise behind some of the "GrandAM Challenge" teams we can say that this has absolutely NOT been our experience. The stresses that a legitimate race car sees during a 3 hour race are significantly higher than what are seen on street cars, but even still we haven't yet seen an instance of a damaged subframe due to Solid Mounts being installed. We certainly haven't seen it on any of our street cars equipped with solid subframe mounts. GM found them suitable for use on the Chevy SSX Camaro, and we would absolutely recommend using them for any street or race car application where best performance is needed.

Here is Andy Lee and his Bondurant sponsored Camaro after winning the World Challenge GTS Class at Miller Motorsports Park 2012 in a fully Pfadted chassis. No signs of cracking at the subframe, and we don't ever expect him too.

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