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Talking My New Rims.

My story

Ever since I was little I dreamed of owning a muscle car. I for some reason never wanted a truck, and when I was little I had many toy cars. One of them was a 2004 Mustang with a black convertible. For a long time that was my dream car

However, in 2006, I begged and begged to get a toy car which was a concept Camaro. I rushed to the store with my dad and right away I headed to go get it. It was a basic silver Camaro SS which was a 1/24 figurine. For days and days, I stayed up and read and read and put this bad boy together after many attempts.
So fast-forward 5 years, and I am now 16. I know, I know I am young but don’t judge me just yet. I was soon blessed with a 2010 SIM Camaro LT. In the past year, I have driven it over 8K miles, and boy do I love it!

About a week ago, I found my toy car hiding in my closet, and I was astonished that it was the exact same car I dreamed of! So I dusted it off, and after a little workshop I quickly got the car to look just like mine! I then took apart the car, re-glued everything so it was sturdy, and wala! It is a working machine. Now I place it on the dash of my car and everywhere I go, people compliment me on my “Toy Car”. So many times I get a “Hey man!, Can I see your car” “Yeah… its right there! Haha” “Oh no, I am talking about the toy car!”…

So I knew I needed to change my car up a little. I blacked out the bowties, and for a year now the vinyl has been holding on strong. I then installed by myself foot well lighting with a switch, which I wired to the Speedometer lighting in the middle console. I then added the most realistic matte black gills you can ever see! People have to touch the vinyl to see if it is real or not! And finally, after a year on the LT rims, I upgraded to the RS wheels powder coated, and I absolutely love them!

Also I included my amateur sketches of my beloved Camaro.
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