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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
What do you mean?
It's something like this (Post below) But I dont think it's 50 I think it's 35MPH and under, and yes the electricity takes over at that speed and runs the car to save gas ......... Im not sure on it though but I have heard of cars using this method. Also, I heard when you tap the brakes it recharges itself for the next go round so it's kind of like a motor/generator? I think

Originally Posted by radz282003 View Post
?Perhaps they are asking if the vehicle is propelled with the electric motors under like, say, 50 MPH, instead of running on the gasoline/E85 engine?

I believe the current hybrids alternate electric power/fuel power depending on the load the PCM detects the driver wants. What I mean is, the car will have the electric motors as the default to move the car, and the fuel engine as a supplement when additonal electricty is needed. That's what I noticed in a Prius that I test drove some time ago. The display indicated the electrical enery was constantly propelling the vehicle and only supplemented by the fuel engine when the electrical supply was deminished.
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