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Well my Black Ice-olator arrived (Thank you JHenfling). Finally got to install it and it took me about 2 hours but that included finding all the tools I needed and a couple of distractions. The bolts in the back really were a pain in the ass but it didn't take me that long to take them off. I attached the ice-olator to the intake manifold when it was off as oppossed to placing the intake manifold on the ice-olator. Thought it would be easier to use the RTV and not have to worry about putting too much on since it was easy to wipe off that way. I also took off the plenum cover and cleaned off all the oil on that, the intake manifold and the original gasket under the intake manifold. I really wish I would have gotten my catch can sooner but atleast I have one now. My CEL did come on but I just disconnected the battery for a little bt and reconnected it and the problem was fixed. I did noticed some more power but I bet once the ECU relearns everything that power will increase. I also think that once the engine has been running awhile I will def notice more power than before. (but what do I know, everything I have learned about this car or cars in general as come from C5) I also should prob look into getting a ported IM. I also removed the bracket that the throttle body was connected to since it is useless now.

Also now that the engine cover isn't on anymore I will have to do some work to make the engine bay look somewhat nicer then what it does already. I do plan on getting a RX breather which would eliminate that big hose on the drivers side of the IM.
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