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Sure, I'll take some FI to go with all my N/A mods

Well after tossing around the idea of trading in for an SS, I've decided that my car means way too much to me and I've spent tons of my own time working on the car and I cannot just trade it in for another car. So I've decided to go the FI route, I pretty much decided from the get-go that I would go with an RX system, it was just a matter of turbo or supercharger. After talking to a few members on here and The Man himself, Tracy I've decided to go with their supercharger system.

My car was picked up yesterday by a couple of young Russian truck drivers. They were pretty cool, and at first I was really worried because from all my reading that I've done on the different company's it seemed like it was really hit or miss on who you got and whether or not your car was in good hands. Well they had to unload almost the entire truck to put mine in, and they took GREAT care of the vehicles inside. I think my car will be OK, here are some pics of what else they're transporting..


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