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What a mess!!!

Well, I'm buying a house in a couple weeks, so the current garage needed to be cleaned up and organized "a little".

With an 11 month old around the house and work busier than ever, I haven't had a lot of time to reorganize the existing garage. Well, moving has changed that. Went thru and pulled things out last night and started organizing things on the one side.

haven't been able to work on the car much lately, mostly because I can't even get to

one of the good things about working for the company I do is that we have a LOT of suppliers and that means a LOT of boxes to recycle... or load in my truck to take

so right now, things are still a little busy. didn't take a picture of things fully cleaned as it was around midnight after I got the floor swept up and the shuffleboard table moved back over.


pic 1 is a heads on shot of all the crap thats been accumulating over the last year or so

pic 2 is some boxes and patio furniture my wife bought... and a flimsy shelf that is probably more hassle than its worth

pic 3 is a shot of the car with some fairly good sized boxes stacked on top of it (the hood for the car is in the storage shed behind the garage

pic 4 is the most awesome couch evar... rotten orange vinyl with wheels... its fun to ride downhill in the neighborhood with a beer or two on the couch... (ask me how I

pic 5 is the main work bench and one of the smaller storage racks with the garage pc

pic 6 is the camaro's to-do list in order of precedence/importance. some things are done... but a loooooot needs to be done yet

pic 7 is the air compressor that crapped out on me halfway thru pulling the front clip off the car... which was then put back on while I worked on the compressor befor finally giving up for the night... still doesnt work... outta sight, outta mind... (its going to the dump when I move)

pic 8 is just some storage above the garage door. you can see the exhaust for the car sticking off to the side

pic 9 is the currently unused shuffleboard table, total gym, and a few other items...

pic 10 is one of my bigger storage racks... with a smaller rack in front of it... and a garden tool rack in front of

and finally...

pic 11 is the new garage that I'm moving into...
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