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Originally Posted by NH-SS View Post
If there's enough demand for a replacement bushing out there I guess I could set up to make some more. The only issue I see is not being able to take the MFG production tolerence into account. I made my custom bushing to match my shifters pin O.D. & shifter I.D. Every shifter will have a + or - tolerance difference. But,..I willing to help out. The Hurst shifter is very nice,.. and with a replacement bushing it's pretty much perfect. So,.. how many of you would like these ??
I will definitely take 2 bushings. You could make mine the same dimensions as yours. I have no problem hand fitting them if need be. I used the factory bushing to make one. The ID was good, but had to take a little off OD to fit Hurst shifter. Figuring out how to hold it in the lathe was the hard part. Shifter now has about 1/8" play at handle, but I would rather have something more durable so I never have to worry with it again. Please PM me if you are willing to make some.

Way too many mods and way too much money. Wouldn't have it any other way.
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