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1SS Ashen Gray Metallic Build Thread

I ordered my 2012 1SS in Ashen Gray Metallic sight unseen. The only existing images at the time I ordered this color were on the ZL1 Vert concept. I took a chance and it was more than worth it. I have finally done some work on her and felt it was time to start my own build thread. After watching "Better Off Dead" as a kid, I fell in love with Lane's 67 RS SS in tuxedo black. My father bought an '89 Z28 in the early 90s. It was a beast. I never forgot the feeling of being thrown back in the seat. I had some "fast" cars in high school and college; a '92 Cutlass Supreme SL (190K miles), a '95 Monte Carlo SS (150K miles), and a '00 Eclipse (90K miles). I did a lot of work on those cars, but they were tired. My original idea was to build a 69 Camaro SS. After doing all the research, I realized it would take me at least 2 years of solid work to even get a moving vehicle. After 3 deployments, I realized how much my time meant to me. A new car was in order. The bolt on aftermarket really appeals to me as most projects can be done in a day. That was all it took. A year later I ordered my very own 1SS. I said "No" to almost every option knowing that everything would change eventually. I wanted a blank canvas. The Camaro body with a big engine. That's what I got. I never even test drove an SS. The first time I fired up the engine at the dealer was every thing I imagined it would be. Love at first pedal mash. Here follows the evolution of a monster. I call her Mjolnir, after the enchanted hammer of Thor. It can only be wielded by its master, it never misses its mark, and it always kills with one blow.
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