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John Michael
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Tampa tuning and Phil - a real professional

Phil did a great job. It was probably good I couldn't see the speedo from the back seat. He made me promise not to barf on his collar.

Seriously, this is a real professional who completely and competently improved my car.

Okay, it chirps from 3rd to 4th, and thinks about it on the next shift. If it didn't have anti-slip it probably would smoke the tires.

I loved this car before Phil tuned it. Now I might just marry it :-) No wait, it's name is the Blue Dragon, I married one of those before. Never a good idea.

Good job, Phil.

This is the second auto tranny I ever bought (other was a VW and I had a 4 year old). You know, I don't think I made a mistake. Affter Phil finished with it I doubt I could ever shift that fast. Lost HP, yes, auto does use some. It's still a remarkable car.

eye candy attached... That's my art on the hood.
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