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COTW 6/4/2012
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Arrow "SSWAG" JOURNAL: 2011 Camaro 2SS Convertible Modifications [COTW 6/4/12]

I finally got a chance to take some decent pictures of my 2011 Camaro 2SS Convertible (V8 6.2L Auto) after modifications. In the future, I plan to do more interior modifications (mostly electronics). Below is a list of the modifications so far:

• Razzi Camaro V8 Ground Effects Kit (P/N 130-100)
• Camaro Heritage Grille (GM P/N 92208704)
• GM Dovetail Rear Spoiler (GM P/N 92234283) *
• Painted Stripes with ghost flames on hood
• A-Pillars and Windshield Frame painted in gloss black
• Rear Trunk Alcove painted in Matte Black
• Painted shadow effect on gills
• Factory SS Brembo brakes, custom painted IOM w/ white "Brembo" lettering
• Sparks Restorations "SS" emblem badges for grille and trunk (IOM painted inserts) (P/N HGEPR/TEPR-11)
• Custom "SSWAG" personalized emblem badging
• Engine Cover, custom painted IOM (GM P/N 92247664)

• V8 Engine Cover Trim, Chrome (P/N 9590-9581V8)
• K&N 63 Series Cold Intake Kit, custom painted IOM (P/N 63-3074)
• Rear Sequential Turn Signal Pre-Wired Harnesses (P/N PHASTEK-CAMARO-TURNSIGNAL)
• Exhaust Diverter System (P/N 25NWCAML99) - Similar to exhaust cutouts
• Pedders eXtreme Xa Coilover Springs (P/N 160086)
• JDP Motorsports HALO Color Changing Headlight Kit (P/N JDPL1001)
• Cross-Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors ( P/N CB-62124 F & CB-62119 R)
• 22" Giovanna Mecca wheels (matte black with IOM barrels/lips + custom painted "SS" center caps)
• Yokohama Parada Spec-X Sport All-Season Tires: 265/35R-22 Front + 285/35R-22 Rear
• Orange Billet Aluminum Door Kick Plates with SS logo (P/N BC1003)
• Cup Holder Trim - IOM (P/N CAMC953)
• Window Tinting (20% Windows + 5% Windshield)
• Clear Bra (front, hood, windshield trim, fenders & side skirts)
• Color-matched IOM License Plate Frame (P/N P076961)
• Coverking Cover, IOM with Black Stripes (CVC3SS85/CH9458)

* The restoration body shop removed the AM antenna from the previous spoiler, so the AM radio doesn't work anymore. I am still working on a solution. I will address this is I install any mobile audio/video upgrades.

Some of the items were purchased from has the best pricing for factory Camaro parts. I also purchased the Pedders coilovers from JDP Motorsports.

Below are the factory Pirelli PZero tires and Camaro SS wheel statistics before new coilovers and new wheels were installed:

• Front Wheel & Tire Weight (lbs): 63.4
• Rear Wheel & Tire Weight (lbs): 68.8
• Front Wheel: 8.0"
• Rear Wheel: 9.0"
• Front Tire Height: 28" *
• Rear Tire Height : 28" *
• Front Fender Height: 29.75"
• Rear Fender Height: 29.75"
• Front Fender to Tire Gap: 1.75"
• Rear Fender to Tire Gap: 1.75"
• Front & Rear Wheel Diameter: 21.5"
• Front Tire Width: 9.5"
• Rear Tire Width: 10.5"

* The manufacturer's actual specs are higher for this tire

Below are the new statistics with nitrogen filled tires, Pedders eXtreme Xa Coilover Springs and 22" Giovanna Mecca Wheels:

• Front Wheel & Tire Weight (lbs): 64
• Rear Wheel & Tire Weight (lbs): 72
• Front Wheel: 9.0"
• Rear Wheel: 10.5"
• Front Tire Height (265/35-22): 29.125" *
• Rear Tire Height (285/35-22): 29.5" *
• Front Fender Height: 29.125"
• Rear Fender Height: 29.5"
• Front Fender to Tire Gap: 0"
• Rear Fender to Tire Gap: 0"
• Height the car was lowered in the front: 0.625"
• Height the car was lowered in the rear: 0.25"
• Front Tire Width: 10.4"
• Rear Tire Width: 11.2"
• Height of Rear Diffuser from the ground: 5.5"

* The manufacturer's actual specs are higher for this tire

The following people were great to work with:

Jordan at
Jason at Phastek Performance
Steve at (exhaust diverter)
Terry at
Gene Tjin at Wheel Warehouse (714-772-1281)
Ross at (888-541-1777 Ext 796)
Athena at
Raymond at

Even though I didn't buy wheels from him, I would also like to thank Tony Whatley (Nine Ball) for answering all of my emails and phone calls about wheels and tires! Tony was a very helpful and patient resource!


I am very pleased with the feel of the Yokohama tires. Even though there are 30 settings for each corner, I wish the Pedders coilovers gave me a better ride (like stock). With such a low profile (sidewall), you feel every bump. I just hope the tires perform well in the winter when it snows - and they last for 30-40K miles! I also highly recommend 22" wheels versus the 20" stock wheels. They look so much better, especially if you install a ground effects kit. In a way, the 20s almost looked too small. These Giovanna Meccas look like they are a 2 or 3-piece wheel, but are made of one-piece cast aluminum; and the entire set of these wheels and tires were less than 8 lbs more than the factory wheels and tires.

When lowering your Camaro, be careful with your ground effects kit. My rear diffuser got damaged three times due to dips in entrance approaches! I tried to convince Razzi to redesign their rear diffuser, but they refused. With the ground effects and nicely painted wheels, ALWAYS be careful when parking! My next plan is to get front and rear cameras installed!

I get a lot of compliments on my Camaro. Many of the admirers also comment on how cool the NoWeeds Exhaust Diverter sounds! These cut-out pipes are a must-have for your Camaro! The neat thing about this system is that it has three switch settings (ON, OFF and a custom setting, which is set halfway open on my pipes). If you're driving in your neighborhood and you don't want to upset neighbors, you can leave the switch in the OFF position so it’s stock quiet. Borla is another very good exhaust system that I’d highly recommend, but it’s much more expensive than NoWeeds and it's always in the ‘open’ position. To my knowledge, new pipes run all the way out to the rear for Borla systems; whereas the NoWeeds system utilizes the stock Camaro pipes. There are many other exhaust systems available, but at the time of this writing, I am not aware of any other exhaust diverter system like NoWeeds.


The 5th bow on my convertible top was replaced on 5/4/2012.

I went to my local CHEVROLET dealer four times over a period of a year to ask them to find out where a squeaking noise was coming from on my 2011 CAMARO 2SS. It was very annoying to say the least! I had always thought the squeak was coming from the convertible top, but apparently that was not the case. It sounded like it was coming from the right rear side. After three visits, they were convinced that it was caused by my adjustable coilovers, not the top. I didn't believe this to be true. The squeaking noise was finally discovered on 7/29/13 after a mechanic said it was caused by a missing bolt on the lower RR control arm! I am wondering if this happened at the factory?

The convertible top was not closing properly, so it was back in the shop (Weber Chevrolet, St. Louis MO) on 4/9/2014. The rubber seal around the top was also more visible than before. The 5th bow on the top had to be replaced again, but I wasn't completely satisfied because the seal around the top just didn't look the same as when it was new.

No other service issues found so far except that the NoWeeds Exhaust Diverter needs to be tacked down again.


• Touchscreen Navigation Receiver w/ two camera input (front and rear) and many other cool features
• Single DVD Player
• Steering wheel harness adaptor (if necessary)
• New speakers and subwoofer
• Audio Equipment: Amplifier, Sound processor, EQ, Crossover, Line Driver, etc.
• Sound deadening material
• Security System (only if the factory system is inadequate)
• K40 RL360 Radar Detection System

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