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NEW ACS Bumper T3 Side ports with LED Turn !

Another innovative ACS products, port is installed without the use of any adhesive or 2 way tape. Kit includes a set of intake ports, snap on grill mesh, inner mounting brackets, templates and instructions. Simply trim the bumper using the supplied template, slide port in and by the back side install the mounting bracket and screw in place by reusing the wheel well fasteners.

T3 Components are designed to fit Camaro SS V8 Bumpers

Lighting Option (33-4-063)

Safety; Did you know your Camaro has no Side Blinking Marker. Driver's ahead of you may see your front blinker, and driver's behind you will see the rear lights, but the driver in the lane next to you, in your blind spot has no clue you are intending to change lane.

Enhance your safety by becoming more visible the drivers around you. Our Side port blinker will be activated in sync with your turning lamps letting the driver in the lane next to you aware of your intentions and reduce the chances of collision.

Convenience : With the simple action of unlocking your door, the side port LED light will illuminate a bright white light forecasted on the side of your car.

More info can be found in our webstore

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