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Well this sucks a week away from my first car show ever and one of my side gills goes missing. So I will have to remove all of them and it may be difficult since they are applied with 3M tape. I found a cheaper back up that I wont have to worry about them falling off since they are vinyl but I wont be able to get them on in time for the show :( Wahh.

Well my new gills came in yesterday and I put them on. They were a lot harder to put them on than the old ones. It was hard to keep then straight and lineup good. Some of them stretched from taking them off and putting them back on multiple times but I just cut them and overlapped them and you don't even know any difference. All in all I like them so far not bad for the price and they come in a bunch of different colors too. So here are some pictures:

Lately I've been thinking of ordering these again and installing them the right way now, glide them over where they are suppose to go. That way they will be more straight and line up better.
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