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Originally Posted by Camaro's from Dave View Post
Mine would never play while indexing anytime I touched a button on the head unit it told the that "the operation is not available while indexing" Maybe I need to go back and play some more with it.
Hi Dave. PlaysForSure devices like your Sansa can be a bit finnicky. Not all players support the ability to play their music over the USB connection. It could be a setting on your device that is not set right for the vehicle to index your player correctly.

When you plugged in the Sansa, what icon and name showed up on the left side of the screen? Was it a music note and said PFD, or a USB icon with USB below it? The Sansa will like being treated as a PFD(PlayFromDevice) better than a USB drive. If it did show up that way, then it could be that that device just doesn't allow playing music over its USB connection. If it was showing up as a USB drive, then there should be a setting in the player's menus to configure it for Mass Storage Class mode vs. MTP mode. Set it up for MTP mode and see if that makes a difference.
I work for GM and I designed the interface for the Camaro USB and Bluetooth audio streaming interface. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about how the USB or Bluetooth works!

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