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Originally Posted by talwell View Post
This car was never seen in stock trim and should never be returned to stock trim. Chevrolet delivered this to Fred Gibb Chevrolet and they immediately built the car into what you see here. In my opinion the value of the car would be depreciated if it were returned to stock trim.
Roger that Sir....the young Padawan appears to not be up on his ZL-1 knowledge but we can fix that!

The ZL-1 Camaros were part of a group of vehicles that GM produced known as COPO cars or "Central Office Production Order". Yes there are only few of the COPO cars left and they are extremely rare however even more rare than a lowly COPO Camaro , there were but 69 Camaros that received a mostly experimental all aluminum 427 engine with the its own unique specs and parts for the express reason that it be used for racing. Without going into a deep diatribe I highly recommend that any of you new ZL-1 owners out there get read up on this program, Fred Gibb, Dick Harrell, and the whole COPO is really truly unique even between the other major brands out there. There is a great wealth of info and stories out there to be found and read. The best thing you can do is know more about where the new ZL-1 came from so that ff you are fortunate like I was to get read up on this stuff in advance, you may find yourself in the company of some very special folks that you might not have even given a second look hand you not done your homework.
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