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Originally Posted by bigbob11 View Post
Is it normal for the recirculation light to stay on even if the AC is off

On page 8-2 in the owner's manual it states:

(Recirculation): Press to turn on the recirculation. An indicator light comes on. Air is recirculated inside the vehicle. It helps to quickly cool the air inside the vehicle or prevent outside air and odors from entering. Operation in the recirculation mode while the air conditioner is off increases humidity and may cause the windows to fog. Recirculation is not available in the defrost or defog modes. To improve fuel efficiency and to cool the vehicle faster, recirculation may be automatically selected in warm weather. The recirculation light will not come on. Press the little recirculate button to select recirculation; press it again to select outside air.

I hope this information was helpful.

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